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Described as a ?miracle? and a ?natural solution for pain? by Dr Stanley Jacobs, MSM powder is an organically bound sulphur (organosulfur) found naturally in plants, animals, and humans. MSM is used as a dietary supplement most commonly for anti-inflammatory purposes and is very popular in the field of alternative medicine.

Naturally produced as part of the sulphur cycle; MSM is absorbed by plants from the soil before being consumed by humans and animals through plants. It can also be produced synthetically in a laboratory by oxidising a chemical called DMSO before purification by either crystallization or distillation.

Sulphur is a crucial element for life, found abundantly in humans and all living organisms. As humans, sulphur is largely consumed through the various foods we eat however a significant proportion of this macro-mineral is lost through cooking. Our MSM powder resolves this issue allowing for optimum consumption of sulphur without compromising delicious, cooked meals. Dr Stanley Jacobs (director of the DMSO clinic) cites sulphur containing compounds as beneficial for not only arthritis and inflammation, but also cartilage preservation, reducing muscle soreness associated with exercise, reducing oxidative stress, improving seasonal allergies, and improving skin quality and texture.

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Why MSM Powder?

Add our MSM to your smoothies or make MSM lemonade by mixing it with lemon juice and coconut water. Alternatively, mix it in with one of our fruit powders to make a superfood juice to get bonus superfood benefits!

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Source of sulphur