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Dates are the small fruits of the date palm tree, also known as ?Pheonix Dactlifera?. Native to the Middle East, dates are important crops in the regions of Iraq, Iran, Arabia, and Morocco. Our date powder is sourced from the United Arab Emirates and is characterised by its sweet, caramel flavour.

Spanning as far back as 7000BCE, date cultivation has an extensive history and is believed to have originated in the regions that are now known as Iraq and Pakistan. Date palm trees reach 21-23m in height, cultivated for their sweet, edible fruits taking up to 10 years before they yield a sufficient harvest. Ancient Egyptians cultivated the date palm to make wine while the Ancient Romans used the tree as a symbol of victory.

Also referred to as date sugar, date powder is made from dehydrated and ground dates. It is typically high in fibre and packed with antioxidants such as flavonoids which are associated with anti-inflammatory properties, and carotenoids which are associated with promoting heart health.

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Why Date Powder?

Free from preservatives and additives, only pitted, ripe dates are milled to produce our date powder. Use date powder as a delicious substitute for sugar in baking or as a natural sweetener in smoothies, porridge, and yoghurts.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Rich in micronutrients
  • Natural sugar