Coconut Dessicated Organic


  • format: Pallet
  • min order: 375 kg
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Coconut or ?cocos nucifera?, is a member of the palm tree family originating from Indo-Malaya, now growing throughout the tropical regions of the world including South East Asia and the Caribbean. Desiccated coconut is simply dried kernel of the coconut, stripped of its natural moisture with a snow-white appearance.

Often referred to as ?the tree of life?, coconut trees have an array of uses including providing food, fuel, medicine, timber and building materials. They can reach a height of 30m and typically yield between 30-75 fruits per year. The outer shell of the coconut has a brown, almost furry texture providing a hard layer of protection for the white coconut flesh inside. Within the flesh is a clear liquid known as coconut milk or coconut water, both the flesh and the liquid are enjoyed for their refreshing, sweet flavour.

Desiccated coconut is a by-product of coconut oil and coconut milk production, produced by grating flakes from the dehydrated flesh. Aside from being a delicious addition to recipes, coconut is associated with a wide variety of benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, sustaining blood sugar levels, and boosting metabolism.

Our organic desiccated coconut has no added sweeteners, is rich in saturated fat and fibre, and has a fresh, sweet, and nutty flavour. It can be used in cookies, flapjacks, cakes, muffins, pastries, puddings, energy ballas and even in savoury recipes such as curries.

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