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Freshly squeezed from Mexican agave plants, our organic agave nectar is naturally extracted from the pineapple shaped inner core of the agave tequilana, a cactus-like plant native to Mexico. Pronounced ?ah-gah-vay?, the nectar is naturally sweet providing a great alternative to sugar.

Also known as the blue agave plant, agave syrup has been extracted for thousands of years by the early inhabitants of the Americas, commonly used for food and fibre. Agave is largely cultivated in the high western areas of Mexico and is known to take up to eight years to ripen. Once known as ?a gift of the gods? by the Aztecs, agave plants are characterised by their adaptation to hot, dry climates and their resilience to severe droughts.

After removing the leaves and the root of the agave plant, the agave syrup is extracted, and the solid fibres removed. The Aztecs prized agave as a solution to skin injuries, burns, cuts and insect bites as well as to treat wounds and alleviate a high fever. Offering a taste 1.6x sweeter than sugar, agave is great natural substitute for refined sugar as well as a vegan alternative to honey.

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Why Agave Syrup?

Our agave nectar is sourced from Mexican agave specialists, working well to enhance the natural flavours of coffee, hot chocolate, superfood smoothies and yoghurts. Alternatively, drizzle onto pancakes, granola, and porridge for a slow-releasing boost of natural sugar.

  • Natural sugar
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Contains inulin