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When talking about sustainability and taking care of the environment, most people think about saving energy or recycling. Although these practices are important, let’s not forget about the environmental impact of what we eat.

You might have heard that having a vegan diet is a great way to protect the environment and be healthy. But do you know why people say that?

In this article, we’re going to explain to you the importance of sustainability in food production, why the vegan food industry is better than traditional livestock farming, and what we are doing to achieve sustainability.

Why is Sustainability Important?

As you might know, sustainability is all about meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That said, we’re currently using more resources than the Earth can regenerate. That’s why it’s important to take sustainability into consideration when producing and choosing our foods.

Why are Vegan Foods Kinder to People and the Environment?  

Traditional livestock farming is causing several environmental problems, like water scarcity, deforestation, biodiversity loss, pollution, and more. According to the FAO, global livestock is responsible for 14% of all human greenhouse gas emissions! So, it’s also contributing to climate change.

On the other hand, the production of vegan food products uses less water and land and produces fewer emissions. As a result, vegan foods are the best option to eat sustainably and protect the environment!

Besides, vegan diets offer many health benefits, like keeping your heart healthy and protecting you against certain diseases.

Sustainability: What is Supernutrients Doing about It?

At Supernutrients, our customers, workers, and the environment are just as important as the quality of our vegan food products. That’s why we have an ethos of sustainability and responsible sourcing.

As one of Europe’s leading superfood vegan businesses, we’ve taken innovative actions to achieve sustainability in our company, such as:

B Corp Certification

Currently, we are working towards our B Corp certification, which is given to companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance. This third-party certification will back up our sustainability efforts.

Carbon Footprint

We’re well aware of the environmental impact of the greenhouse gas emissions from producing our vegan food products. That’s why we’re constantly taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint as a result of product sourcing as much as possible. Moreover, we’re proud to say that we only use renewable energy sources to power all our facilities.

Recyclable Packaging

Commonly, the vegan food industry uses robust packaging to protect food products from light, air, and moisture. For that reason, recyclable packaging has been one of our major challenges. But now, we’re pleased to say that we offer our white label customers the chance to have fully recyclable packaging.

Responsible Sourcing

Also, we always make sure to protect and improve the lives of farmers and workers across our supply chain by treating them with dignity and respect as well as ensuring fair deals for their work.

When producing our vegan products, we always take sustainability into account to protect the environment and our workers.

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