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Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a root that has been prized by the Peruvian population for thousands of years; its reputation owing to both a rich nutritional profile and use in traditional medicine. Grown by trusted local farmers, our organic maca is high in riboflavin (B2), calcium, iron, zinc, and fibre, as well as a great source of thiamin (B1), vitamin B6 and protein!

The Central Sierra of Peru is home to our maca, a root that has been cultivated since pre-Inca times almost 2000 years ago. Famous for both medicinal and nutritional purposes, maca is also reputed to have natural insect-repellent properties and is sometimes grown alongside other highland crops as Andean farmers believe it protects the underground tubers from pests. In the Jun?n region of Peru, maca is consumed in large quantities as it provides a readily available and highly nutritious food source in areas where traditional agricultural practices struggle.

Maca thrives in these hostile environments, only growing at altitudes above 3500 metres on poor rocky soils where acidity may exceed pH5, and is able to withstand high winds and temperatures as low as -10?C. Dug out by hand, maca roots are dried naturally in the sun for 10-15 days before being dehydrated and finely milled. The root grows in a variety of colours; yellow, red and black ? each with their own unique set of associated benefits.

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Why Maca Powder?

The 1980s saw Maca become more widely known outside of Brazil and it is now consumed all over the world due to being renowned as a nutrient-rich superfood. Try adding maca powder to smoothies or including it in baking recipes to benefit from the natural mineral content of this “lost crop of the incas”.